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South of Central Streaming Now
(released 4/9/2020)
By Kimberly Burke

South of Central is a new comedy series from Red Gears Studios that premiered April 5 online.  Weekly, look for a release of a new episode every Sunday night at 8p.m. EST. The show was created by Stranger Things cast member Joe Davison and follows Chauncy Davies, a world known child actor who is now 40 and living in a garage with no money. Then adding to Chauncy's woes is the ex/girlfriend Whitney Anderson-Davies who left him for his dad, who in turn died and left both of them nothing but the house they are now having to co-habitate.

Whitney is played by Brianna Holzerland who helped write the raunchy comedy series along with Joe Davison.

 You can watch the first episode on Youtube:

You can follow the series and updates of weekly episodes here:

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